marissa_bloom_photoI am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, aunt, cousin, niece, friend, helper, seeker, confidant, and dreamer. As a writer, I seek to express the beauty I see upon the Earth and within it’s people. I hope to inspire readers and to impress upon them an inner joy that comes from understanding and embracing themselves and the world we live in.

How did you become interested in writing? As a young girl, I spent hours each day listening to my mother read stories. Growing up, you could often find me in the library or local bookstore, with an armload of new discoveries. I cherished the gifts these books offered me – fiction, non-fiction, dictionaries and encyclopedias alike, opened up my mind and my heart to a vast universe of possibilities.

Why children’s books? After becoming a mother, and sharing books with my own children, I began to see the stories in a different way. I now read them with a better understanding of myself and our world. I found that many of the stories did little to support the values my husband and I want to nurture within our family. This sparked a passion to follow my heart and put my values and words on paper; to write stories to share with my family, friends, and community. Stories which they will be inspired to pass on for generations to come.

What are these values? Through my books, I hope to support families to connect with one another. I wish to inspire readers to seek understanding within and without, to value empathy and kindness, gain emotional intelligence, communicate with gentleness and respect, and to express their inner joys.

How are these values modeled in your books? I incorporate them in both word and illustration. You will find a diversity of characters, strong positive connections between children and their parents, and even among extended family and their community. When characters in my books face challenges, you can expect to not only find resolution but to see their process along the way. The characters discover their feelings and find their path towards positive expression. My books focus on what some may call the simple pleasures of life – connecting with family, nature and ourselves; an escape from the commercialism and materialism which is so apparent in the media today.

The illustrations often show babywearing, breastfeeding and even co-sleeping. Do you advocate Attachment Parenting? I support all families through their journey together, believing we do our best with the tools we have. My personal parenting principles are similar to those in the Attachment Parenting world. We do what works for our family and parent in a way that reflects our values, this shows through my writing and in my books. For families who do babywear, breastfeed and co-sleep, it is important for them to have books, which illustrate these practices, to share with their children. These images are a reality and relevant whether we practice them or not.